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Now you can access your medical chart 24 hours a day from anywhere!

Sign up for the FBRA Patient Portal Today! This service is FREE to our patients, and all we need is your email address!


Benefits of the FBRA Portal:

  • View upcoming appointments-- Never miss an appointment again! Check the date and time of your next visit at a glance. Can't make it? Let us know via portal messaging so we can reschedule at your convenience.

  • Medical Records-- Request, view, and download medical records such as exam notes and lab results.

  • Secure Messaging-- Use the portal to correspond directly with a member of our staff for whatever you might need. Schedule an appointment, ask your doctor a question, or request documents from your chart. The portal has expanded the ways in which we can efficiently and securely interact with patients while still protecting your privacy!

  • Make Updates-- Review and update your address, phone numbers, and more. Save time by updating your medical history before your appointment!

  • Prescriptions-- Running out of medicine? Changed pharmacies? Notify us without picking up your phone or waiting on hold!

Below you can find easy access to Medication Websites:
This resource can assist you in answering your questions regarding your medications, it also helps you find information about patient assistance programs!
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